1. Unemployment and underemployment have increased under Obama and has remained at high levels that are historic in duration and effects. He currently has no jobs plan and has failed to meet with his Jobs Council for more than six months.

 Why Long-Term Unemployment Has Doubled Under President Obama

Devastating Graph Reveals Obama’s Unemployment Economy

Obama’s sense of ‘fairness’ is unfair to minorities

 Obama’s Nuclear Strike on American Workers


2.  Race Relations And Political Differences Have Reached Dangerous Levels Of Aggression Under Obama. Americans Have Not Been This Divided In 50 Years.

 Obama’s Impact on Race Relations in America

 Race Relations Are Much Worse Under Obama

 5 Reasons Obama’s Election Is Bad For Race Relations

 America Is A Nation Divided Under Barack Obama

 Obama divides Americans by race, ethnicity, religion

 The President of Division

 Obama Imposes Race-Based School Discipline


3.   Obama has increased the national debt faster than any president in history even as the Democrats threaten to push the U.S.A. over the fiscal cliff if they don’t get tax increases.

 Stop the madness — the truth about Obama and our national debt

 Obama Laments Student Loan Debt, the National Debt- Not So Much

 It’s official: Obama has increased the national debt more than Bush

Surprise: Democrats Threaten “Fiscal Cliff” if GOP Doesn’t Cave on Tax Hikes


4.  Obama tells business owners/creators they did not do it someone else did. He went on to tell successful people they did not become successful through their own hard work. His Marxist roots are uncovered for all to see. Obama hates Americans who think and do for themselves and refuse government assistance.

 Obama Tells Entrepreneurs “You Didn’t Build” Your Business, Groups Criticize

YouTube Video-Obama You Did Not Build That!


5.  Under Obama welfare roles have exploded and so has government dependency. Cradle to grave care is the mantra that Obama lives by. This method has failed since President Lyndon B. Johnson delivered a State of the Union address to Congress in which he declared an unconditional war on poverty in America in1964.

The American Welfare State: How We Spend Nearly $1 Trillion a Year Fighting Poverty–And Fail

President Barack Obama: “The Dependency President”

‘Dependency Index’ up 23% under Obama


6.  Obama and Holder shipped guns to Mexico in a documented attempt to undermine the 2 ND amendment. These illegal guns caused deaths on both sides of the border. Attorney General Eric Holder is charged with criminal and civil contempt of congress.

Congressional Report on Operation Fast and Furious: The Buck Stops…Well…Somewhere Else

High Ranking Cartel Member Says Operation Fast And Furious Was Meant To Supply Guns To The Sinaloa Cartel

Documents: ATF used “Fast and Furious” to make the case for gun regulations

Fast and Furious: How President Obama and John Boehner got to the brink


7. Obama has decided to selectively enforce our laws and ignore laws he does not like. Obama and his administration officials break U.S. laws at will.

President Obama Instructs Justice Department to Stop Defending Defense of Marriage Act calls Clinton-Signed Law “Unconstitutional”

 Plouffe: Obama Will Not Enforce Immigration Laws


Obama’s Corrupt Crony Capitalism Extends Far Beyond Solyndra

Until now, President Obama’s Administration has escaped any aggressive scrutiny of its illegal conduct. The Democrat controlled Senate and House that he enjoyed for the first two years of his term, failed to thoroughly investigate any of the many puffs of smoke that indicated the fires of Obama related corruption. President Obama failed to face proper scrutiny in the case of BP. He failed to be properly investigated when his Administration was found to have been offering Pennsylvania Congressman Joe Sestack a job in turn for not challenging Senator Arlen Specter in a Democratic primary, or even when his Justice Department refused to investigate charges of black on white racism. These are just a few of the examples of corruption that has been ignored by the political establishment but this President has been virtually immune from the law in regards to a long list of other illegal activity.

Read the rest:

Obama’s Corrupt Crony Capitalism Extends Far Beyond Solyndra


8.  Under Obama socialist Obama-Care was passed using public bribes for votes. The bill was so large and complicated most politicians did not even read it before voting on it. Many doctors have stated they will quit when Obama-Care takes effect causing a severe shortage medical professionals.


Payoffs for states get Harry Reid to 60 votes

Sebelius Says GAO Report Is ‘Just Not Accurate’ — Then Helps Confirm That It Is

 Will Your Doctor Quit? Obamacare Foretells Mass Exodus From Patient Care

Pelosi: Pass Health Reform So You Can Find Out What’s In It


9. Under Obama gas prices have doubled while he refuses to allow the Canadian pipeline to be constructed causing a loss in thousands of jobs and exacerbating petroleum prices. Obama also had to be ordered by a judge to allow new drilling permits but has stuck with blocking any new permits using radical environmental regulations. Obama demonstrates clear intent with his anti-energy policies, he wants to make us pay and pay dearly for being a successful nation!

 Gas When Bush Left Office, $1.78 — Gas Today, $3.64 — Highest Average Price in Calif., $4.20

Bush Was Blamed For Gas Prices By The Left, But Obama Gets A Pass, Hypocrisy? Yes!

OMSA Applauds Federal Judge’s Order for Obama Administration to Act on Gulf Coast Drilling Permits

Obama-Casey Policies Hurting Americans at the Pump


10.  Under Obama roving mobs of Blacks are attacking Whites nationwide while Obama and Holder remain silent.

 Yes and the Black mob attacks on Whites in the U.S continue without any enforcement or investigation from our justice department or speeches from Obama rather these criminally violent Blacks get the silent nod of approval to keep on attacking.

Seems like the NBPP is spouting more hate and calls for killing Whites. These cowards are ignored by Obama, Holder and the media when they call for killing and skinning White babies and actually bring weapons to a polling station!

Imagine if a few Whites started to hunt these criminals down as they should be. All the sudden every Black criminal who was given a well deserved dirt nap would look like Obama’s son and Holder would open a massive civil rights investigation.

 Here are two most recent verbal and physical attacks from Blacks on Whites. Again where is Obama and Holder? No investigation for a hate crime nor a word from our dear leader.. You tell me who the racist is!

New Black Panthers to RNC: Our ‘Feet Will Be On Your Motherf***ing Necks

New Black Panther: We Must Create Military To Murder Babies And Skin White People

How about the six Black teens that attacked a lone White man and almost beat him to death, the police chief said there was no reason to believe these fine young boys would attack based on race. They were just bored!

 Six Blacks Teens Attack White Man

Remember the Obama “Trayvon Martin would look like his son” speech? How about Holder ordering the FBI open an investigation into the Martin killing and possibly charge Zimmerman with hate crimes? This sends a message to all who would do the right thing and protect themselves from these mobs. The message is clear, kill or injure a criminal Negro and the federal government will cause you pain. The Black thug (Trayvon Martin) that was given a dirt nap he well deserved! Attorney General Eric Holder has made it clear to any and all police departments if they arrest criminal Blacks an expensive civil rights investigation will be opened. Not only that if a police department dares to arrest illegal aliens they are in for legal trouble.

What the hell are you waiting for defend yourself from the animals who attack you and your family! You do have a right and a duty to defend yourself, your family and your neighborhood!

Obama, Holder, Democrats and the Liberal media could care less about your White asses and in fact suppress publication of Black hate crimes against Whites and refuse to follow the law when Black mobs openly attack Whites! Police in America have refused to take statements from White victims of Negro mob attacks many times and this can not be tolerated. Police do this so the media does not have to report the many hate crimes American Blacks commit and so that government data is skewed to wrongly show the evil White Blue-Eyed Devil as the aggressor! Did you ever notice the many times and in fact most times Blacks are the criminals or attackers race or skin color is not mentioned in the print or TV news? Read the news and you will see this happen over and over again.

Grow up and grow a pair get rid of the government programming! Whites are under attack in all corners of the U.S.A . and the Black animals love that you cower and refuse to take the correct actions to defend yourself. After all they have the Black Leader In Chief in the White House and The Black Attorney General who has a public policy of “NOT” charging or investing Black on White crimes period! I am using the term Blacks because Obama and Holder see themselves only as Blacks and seek to advantage American Blacks at the expense of the White population. These two men have been using the power of the offices they hold to oppress American Whites and I believe they seek to enable the criminal mob mentality of Blacks. So now these same Blacks believe they can do whatever they want and no cop will come calling.

Another question you might ask yourself is why are Liberal Whites in the government and the media assisting in the suppression of news and data that proves the criminal culture of American Blacks and the vast number of hate crimes they commit against Whites. Why are these Liberal Whites creating a false victim in Blacks and a false predator in Whites? The facts show Blacks are the attackers in the vast majority of violent interactions between Whites and Blacks. You will also find Blacks are attacking Whites based on skin color and these are hate crimes that are never charged and never reported.

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 A Censored Race War

Media Covers Up Black Hate Crimes Against Whites


11.  Under Obama our southern border has been thrown into chaos by his policies. Obama is closing many border patrol stations at a time when Mexican drug cartels are openly operating on American soil.

The slaughter on the southern border

 Chaos on the Border

A Million New ‘Americans’

The Vetting: Holder, Fast and Furious, and Gun Control

 Obama to close nine border patrol stations


12.  Under Obama our troops and their families will have to pay much more for health care. This after Obama’s insane rules of engagement are causing the loss of thousands of American troops.

The link below has many other links to the subject matter.


The United States Still Must Lead from the Front

Obama Still Decimating the Military

 Veto Threat: Administration Wants to Hike Healthcare Fees for Military


13. The world has been subjected to a president who blames his failures on others continually. His actions in this matter are not presidential in any culture.

Awkward: Obama Blames Bush for Economy While Standing Next to Him

Americans’ plummeting wealth: Obama blames Bush

George Will: Obama Blames “Everyone but James Madison” for Economy


14. Under Obama we had the biggest oil spill in history and then his EPA approved dumping thousands of tons of oil dispersant chemicals into the ocean that were deadly to humans and sea life. This dispersant use simply caused the oil to sink to the bottom of the ocean.

Massive Gulf oil spill drifts toward Obama administration, Democrats

Petition to Halt the Use of Chemical Dispersants in the Gulf of Mexico

LA Times – Obama, EPA Unfriendly to Scientists, Ignore Corexit Warnings

Obama blocked clean-up of BP oil spill by America’s allies; Failed to issue timely Jones Act waiver


15.  Obama has squandered billions of tax payer dollars on so called many green energy companies that have failed or shipped jobs overseas. His radical environmental agenda is costing Americans jobs and billions of dollars. Obama has directed his bureaucrats to make it very expensive to operate coal fired power plants or drill for oil.

List of Failed Obama Green Energy & Solar Companies in the Billions

GREEN SCAM: 80% of Green Energy Loans Went to Obama Donors – 19 Companies Went Bust (Video)

Department of Energy- ‘Green’ Loan Failure

Uttered in 2008, still haunting Obama in 2012


16.  Obama refuses to release his college transcripts and delayed release of his birth certificate in a twisted effort to keep the public focus away from his failed policies and unconstitutional power grabs.

Why did Obama seal his transcripts?

Obama’s Former Classmate: The Real Obama Scandal Is at Columbia

Were Ann Dunham and Barack Obama Really Married?

Sheriff Joe Arpaio offers ‘indisputable proof’ Obama’s birth certificate a fake


17. Obama slanders Christians and people who believe in our constitution as if these people were radicals. He also issues orders that attack Christian beliefs in an effort to force them to conform to his radical agenda.

Obama on small-town Pa.: Clinging to religion, guns, xenophobia

Barton Calls Obama America’s Most Biblically-Hostile


18.  Under Obama the department of homeland security has twice released documents that listed returning veterans, White males, people who believe in our constitution and Christians as possible terrorists. Under Obama the DHS has failed to note the dozens of mob attacks by Blacks on Whites and terror attempts by Muslims as a threat in any reports that were circulated to state and local law enforcement agencies.

Napolitano stands by controversial report

DEMS Call Political Opponents Threat To Security

Feds label liberty lovers ‘terrorists’ … again!

A Censored Race War


19.  Obama has issued executive orders to circumvent the will of the people and our laws one of the most onerous is his executive order granting amnesty to illegal aliens.

Do Obama’s Executive Orders Reveal A Pattern?

Current List of President Obama’s Executive Orders


20.  Obama has openly apologized for America and refuses to admit the U.S.A. has done more to free people than any nation in the history of the world. His actions have caused damage to the office he holds and our nation!

 Ted Cruz says Obama made “a worldwide apology tour”

The President’s Apology Tour

Heritage Foundation president: Obama doesn’t believe in American exceptionalism


21.  Obama has failed to protect the weakest among us by continually voting for abortion as a senator even up to the point the fetus is a viable outside the womb. Obama voted to protect doctors who killed babies who survived the abortion. Obama believes in infanticide and pushes these views in the public arena.

  Obama’s Infanticide Votes

National Right to Life White Paper:
Barack Obama’s Actions and Shifting Claims on the Protection
of Born-Alive Aborted Infants — and What They Tell Us About His Thinking on Abortion


22.  Obama has demonstrated a total lack of leadership as Chief Executive Of The United States as evidenced by his absence in the business of congress. Obama also has an ability to allow his extreme Liberal dogma to override any consideration of what is good for America. His policy decisions are based on radical collectivist ideals and not as president who has the country’s best interests in mind. Congress has passed no federal budget under Obama and our country has seen Harry Reid as the senate majority leader block any meaningful legislation from reaching the floor. Congress has a 10 percent approval rating according to a Gallup’s survey.

Congress Job Approval

Dems May Complain, But Obama’s Disengagement is Nothing New

ObamaCare: HuffPo Claims Obama Lacks Leadership; Looks to Harry Reid for Salvation


23. Obama was a pioneering contributor to the devastating sub-prime lending bubble costing taxpayers over 4 trillion dollars. Obama sued banks to force them to give mortgage loans to unqualified Blacks based on skin color alone! What was that Barney The Slobbering Banking Queen Frank said when Bush administration officials warned of a collapse of Fanny-Mae and Freddy Mack? Well Barney said Bush and the GOP was just fear mongering. He also went on to slobber that these institutions were solid.

With landmark lawsuit, Barack Obama pushed banks to give sub-prime loans to Chicago’s African-Americans

So Obama Inherited a Mess, Did He? From Whom?

Republicans recognized the Fannie/Freddie crisis with time to spare. Democrats like Barney Frank blocked the increased oversight, calling action unnecessary.


There are many more poor decisions Obama and his administration have made and I am sure there are more to come. How bad does this president have to be at his job before people stop voting for him? I would say Obama has not done a thing for us but has done it to us in a most destructive way!