The Black thug in Ferguson, Missouri that got a few well deserved bullets and a dirt-nap had just robbed a store and then apparently he fought with police and maybe even charged at them. No we learn the police officer who shot thug-angel was severely injured by same.

The facts have not even had a chance to surface and yet Blacks feel the need to riot, loot and menace a community as they have many times before. Many Blacks say they deserve the right to steal and damage property. After all they are Obama’s sons.

Ever wonder why Whites, Asians or Latinos do not riot and loot as Blacks do? It’s all about culture or lack thereof. It is how Blacks were taught and their ability to blame personal failures on false claims of racism and other such popular myths. Blacks have been given a massive advantage for decades in America but have for the most part squandered it!

The Progressive media is essentially calling for the murder of the police officer involved because they not only posted the officer’s picture but his entire address! Again the dead criminal’s body is barley cold and the facts surrounding the shooting are still unclear.

Eric Holder is again using the office of attorney general as a weapon that becomes active when one of his people (Blacks) act out and get put down. I have never seen or heard Holder or Obama even wasting a breath on a dead Latino or White person that was a victim of Black violence. How about all those Black thugs in Chicago that continually kill each other with illegal weapons? Again nothing heard from Holder or Obama that is unless they want to disarm law abiding Americans!

Our Black Attorney General is taking care of the people he has decided are his and that is Black people. No Whites, no Latinos or Asians are his people even though he is supposed to represent all Americans. I have not seen Holder order an autopsy on the homeless White guy that was executed in Arizona a few months ago! Hell what about the dozens of dead Latinos that have been discovered along our southern border? Nope not one sound or action from Holder or king Obama. After all these people are just dead Latinos!

Eric Holder tried to directly predetermine the outcome of a murder trial in Florida when George Zimmerman a Latino shot and killed a Black thug! Holder put pressure on the local DA to charge and convict a man of murder who was clearly innocent. For this alone Holder and others who assisted him in trying to affect the trial should themselves be charged, given a trial and convicted!

Blacks like Obama, Holder and their White Progressive boot lickers want to subvert our laws and have the ability to dispense justice as they see fit. These people are just as bad as any malignant dictator.

Al Sharpton, The New Black Panther Party and the rest of the agitators were right up front as usual creating hate and discontent in an effort to line pockets and maintain what they see as relevance I am sure. What American Blacks do not realize is that people like Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson, Erick Holder, Obama and White progressives are using them to achieve an agenda. These people could care less about the certain death Blacks face if they even attempt to riot in a White neighborhood. In my opinion Progressives want a race based slaughter to happen so they can attempt to take more of our rights and disarm Americans. The problem I see is Americans will not be disarmed easily and our government underestimates our resolve.

American Blacks are always crying and shouting about racial equality even though they are in my humble opinion taken care of better than any other ethnic group on the planet. Americans look the other way when Blacks act like animals or racists! Time to stop looking the other way and state the very ugly truth about Blacks as a group! Time to uncover the wide spread racism that oozes through Black American culture and expose the crimes they commit because a person is White! Time to expose the murderous underbelly of Black on Black mayhem in all places where Blacks are the majority.

Obama’s policies are hurting Black Americans in every-way possible. The major measures Blacks are losing on are income, employment, and education. Blacks voted for Obama because of his skin color period! Now that vote is costing them big and they should look into the mirror for who to blame for a poorer standard of living.

I personally will not live in a Black town or neighborhood in the U.S.A. because each and every time these Black areas are just self made cesspits. Full on crime, violence and all manner of disgusting acts. Hell even rich Black Americans refuse to live in Black neighborhoods! This does not mean I will not live in a Black neighborhood elsewhere and I currently do but the attitude of Blacks here is in no way anything like American Blacks.

We as a fair and just people need to rid our country of unconstitutional practices like race based hiring, affirmative action and hate crime laws. We are all supposed to be treated equally under the law and have the very same chance to make a living. These laws and policies are not fair nor do they give qualified people a fair chance because they have the wrong skin color. These laws also place a higher value on some at the expense of others.

What will diffuse any and all dangerous situations that are cooking over the shooting of a known criminal is reason. Wait for the facts and stop thinking just because you are poor or live in a crime ridden area that it is the fault of another. Stop using your skin color as a reason for failure, criminal actions or hate. There is no hidden White racist under your table or hiding in the closet. Your inability to get a job is all on you and the choices you made in life. Stop being a tool for those that want to exploit your dissatisfaction with your lot in life.

What we will see if people don’t start looking for the truth before they act like animals is deadly confrontations as the social fabric of America rots. These armed conflicts may not happen now but they will happen if we continue on the course that Obama and his Progressive pals are pushing us into. I like other Americans will be armed and will defend against any and all who threaten to harm me or my family and this will be the flash point.



The video below depicts a Black American thug getting a well deserved dirt nap. If this is in fact a true and real video then all is good with the scene. There are many benefits to this type of animal trying to pull a gun on cops and some of them are:

1. He will no longer be able to rob, rape or victimize his fellow Americans.

2. Taxpayers will not have to pay for his housing, medical, lawyers or welfare.

3. He serves as a great example for other thugs what they will get if they continue.



Some Blacks really do get it and are just as sick and tired of lawless people as the rest of us. The video below has some truths for all of us.



Obama and Holder are using American Blacks to push an agenda they know will get you killed if you go too far but that is all good with them! They want to justify a police state and you should be well aware of this action because you are witnessing it live in Ferguson! Obama is flooding our country with illegal aliens that take jobs from Blacks while he enslaves you even more. Wake up!

This is NOT about race it is all about government control. When was the last time a White guy really insulted or harmed you? Obama and Progressives have done more damage to American Blacks in the past few years than you could ever imagine! Think about it before it is too late!

This is Obama’s version of the Hunger Games and he is using Americans to achieve his United Nations one world goals! Agenda 21 pure and simple.

Maximus Gringo Honoratus

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Maximus Gringo Honoratus