Our governments around the world tell us that there is no danger from the totally wrecked Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plants even though we know they have melted down and pushed huge clouds of highly radioactive debris into the air and into the ocean. In an effort to cool cores and spent rods Japan has pumped billions of gallons of highly radioactive water into the ocean. If this was not bad enough they have hundreds of tanks containing highly radioactive water on site that are leaking!

We have been told few have died from the Chornobyl Catastrophe and the dead max is in the tens not tens of thousands or higher! What about the cancers, birth defects and other issues that lead to death?

Watch the video and think about what you have been told about these two nuclear disasters and the real cost in human life you know to be true. Do some rooting about and look for the truth.




This is a man after my own heart in that he does not abide by grifters and realizes they cause damage. 

While I would not have expressed my displeasure the very same way he used all the correct words to describe this terrible mother (Shanesha Taylor) and sad excuse for a human!


The companies on this list either directly prohibit mentioning Christmas or try to be stealthy and remain under the radar by simply never referencing Christmas.

These anti-American values businesses must be sent a message by Americans either directly by sending letters and making phone calls or indirectly by shopping elsewhere.

The Naughty List

Barnes & Noble

Read the entire article and view the data at: AFA’s 2014 Christmas ‘Naughty or Nice’ Store Listing


You may think these anti-Christmas actions are nothing but they are just part of a larger group of attacks by Progressives across a wide spectrum of areas in the life of Americans. When God or family values are absent then our children have no moral anchor and can be fed the false and deadly values of Progressives.

When our young have no idea what the Constitution contains or what it is then they can be told a multitude of lies supporting a form of government never intended for America.

We have all heard Conservatives as well as Liberals refer to America as a Democracy or even a Democratic Republic for decades. This is of-course wrong and very different from what America actually is and that is a Constitutional Republic.


The very first tool in the Progressive toolbox is the lie!

Here are a few good links for you to think about:


The Progressive Movement and the Transformation of American Politics


A New Republic: The Progressive Assault on the Founders’ Principles






What do you think is it time for patriots to directly confront Obama at the White House and demand he follow our laws or resign?

Maximus Gringo Honoratus





Here is another article describing how Americans are taking action and making a huge difference in pushing back government overreach using methods that are long established and Constitutional.

Americans at the local level are the best weapon against tyrants at the federal and local levels. When you work together you can stop the creep towards the cliff.


Download: The Federalist Papers by Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, and James Madison

Judge Andrew Napolitino discusses Federalism, The Constitution and States Rights




Most people are totally blind to the corruption around them in the United States and if they do know something is wrong they just whine about it.

We can all do our part as we are able by talking about the issues running websites, joining patriot groups or even voting but two guys have taken activism to new levels.

Two military veterans from Illinois have found a lawful way to push self serving politicians and bureaucrats out and in some cases even arrest them.

The two veterans, John Kraft and Kirk Allen, formed a group called the Edgar County Watchdogs. As of now, the duo have managed to force the resignation of 33 Edgar County officials. This is part of the 102 officials Kraft and Allen have forced to resign statewide.

Read the entire article: Two Vets Were Sick of Corrupt Politicians… So They Took Matters Into Their Own Hands

For more links and information on the group Kraft and Allen formed go to: 2 IL Veterans Force 102 Corrupt Officials to Resign, Place Entire Local Board Under Citizen’s Arrest




Now that we have the chief architect of Obama-care (Jonathan Gruber) smugly admitting that the law passed only because America was duped and deceived a criminal investigation must be started by congress!

This scumbag even said Americans were too stupid to understand they needed Obama-care and that lack of transparency was key in the passage of this unconstitutional law!

Jonathan Gruber was not only the architect of Obama-care he was a senior White house adviser!

Go get him Megyn!





New York City has not been the ideal place to be as far as Ebola is concerned as the number of people requiring monitoring for Ebola has climbed rapidly.

Read more at: Number of People Under “Active Monitoring” for Ebola in NYC Triples, City Officials Say

It is being reported nurse who treated Ebola patients and refused to self quarantine is a trained CDC intelligence officer. She made as much noise as possible and was seen all over the media striking out for freedom while possibly exposing others to Ebola infection.

Read the entire article: Defiant Ebola-Quarantine Nurse Was CDC Intel Operative





Our Centers For Disease Control (CDC) leaders seem to be changing the story on just how Ebola is transmitted.

We have medical professionals across the nation who treated Ebola patients running around in public without a care in the world.

Kaci Hickox a nurse that was ordered into quarantine refused to stay inside and went for a bike ride instead. What is wrong with her! About 233 health care workers that treated Ebola patients are dead from the virus.

One doctor named Craig Spencer even lied to police about running around in New York City after returning from Africa and treating Ebola patients.

Recently a report was filed that the U.S. government has ordered 250,000 Hazmat suits to be sent to Dallas. Is there something they are not telling us about Ebola in Dallas?

I am hearing that our federal government is disappearing people from hospitals and from our southern border who have a few symptoms that might be Ebola. Is our government involved in yet another cover-up?

In the video below doctor James Lawrenzi warns:

These patients are disappearing, they’re doing something with the patients and God knows where they’re going,” said the doctor.


When it comes to Ebola, the story that the government is telling us just keeps on changing.  At first, government officials were claiming that it was very difficult to spread the Ebola virus.  Some of them were even comparing it to HIV.  We were given the impression that we had to have “direct contact” with someone else’s body fluids in order to have any chance of catching the virus.  But of course that is not true at all.  Now authorities are admitting that Ebola is “aerostable”, that it can be “spread through droplets”, and that it can remain on surfaces for up to 50 days.  That is far different information than we have been getting up until this point.  So that means when they were so confidently declaring that they know exactly how Ebola spreads they were lying to us.

Read more: The Story Changes: Ebola Is Now ‘Aerostable’ And Can Remain On Surfaces For 50 Days

Keep your eyes and ears open this Ebola fiasco is far from over in the U.S.A..




Hot Zone Doctor Passes Enhanced CDC Ebola Screening Later Has Ebola

New York City now has a confirmed case of Ebola in a doctor who treated people in Guinea! This so called doctor (Craig Spencer) treated Ebola patients in a hot zone and just thought it was great to wander about New York City without a care in the world! After all he felt great until he got very sick!

This doctor cleared CDC enhanced airport screening’ for travelers from Ebola hot zones and I guess again we are witnessing just how government incompetence is putting us all in danger!

Below you will find a link to CDC tweets about Craig Spencer.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention posted tweets tonight about the nation’s latest Ebola patient, New York City Doctor Craig Spencer.

The two tweets described Spencer as having successfully passed through the CDC’s ‘enhanced screening’ for travelers from Ebola hot zones.

Read more at: GOOD NEWS! CDC Says NYC Ebola Doctor Cleared Enhanced Airport Screening

The CDC is either criminally negligent or is attempting to infect Americans with intent!


Doctor Says U.S. Government Cover-up In Progress For Ebola Cases On U.S. Soil

A doctor (James Lawrenzi) has exclusively revealed to Infowars that health authorities are covering up Ebola cases in the United States and disappearing patients in an effort to avoid hysteria.

Asked why authorities were engaged in an apparent cover-up, Lawrenzi speculated that the CDC was attempting to prevent hysteria, noting that workers at his own clinics had been told not to use the word “Ebola,” just as 911 dispatchers in New York have been banned from using the term, or to reveal any information about a possible Ebola case.

If the above statements are true Americans are in much greater danger than they know! Not only is our government refusing to stop flights from Ebola hot zones they are spiriting infected people away and hiding information on Ebola infection from the public.

Keep your eyes and ears open.



Alex Interviews Dr. James Lawrenzi


On Sept. 16, President Barack Obama assured the American people that the risk of an Ebola outbreak within the United States was “extremely low.” As subsequent events proved, he was wrong.

But an alarming new revelation from Israel’s Arutz Sheva proves that Obama was more than just wrong; he was dishonest.

Read more at BOMBSHELL: Obama Busted for Major Ebola Cover Up… Details Are Infuriating



Politics or ignorance. It’s one or the other…or both, according to world-renowned neurosurgeon and possible 2016 Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson. That was his response when asked why President Obama refuses to institute a travel ban on people traveling to the U.S. from Ebola-stricken countries.

Read more at Ben Carson: Only Two Possible Reasons for Obama’s Refusal to Order an Ebola Travel Ban



A couple of interesting video reports from Alex Jones and a former CIA insider.



Larry Klayman, the former Justice Department lawyer and founder of Judicial Watch and Freedom Watch,has filed a civil complaint accusing President Obama and other officials of “facilitating terrorism” by refusing to cut off travel from Africa’s Ebola zones to the U.S.

The complaint filed in federal court in Washington charges Obama and his administration are “knowingly and willfully providing material support and aid to international terrorism and facilitating terrorism by allowing unrestricted entry of persons from countries experiencing outbreaks of the Ebola virus and adamantly opposing efforts, including calls from the U.S. Congress, to restrict travel from outbreak countries.”




That Progressive Texas judge who belived it was just fine to expose himself, the public and his family to possible Ebola infection has been served!

Read More at Brietbart





President Barack Obama and the CDC have refused to put restrictions on flights or people originating from Ebola ravaged countries in what seems like an act of insanity. I believe Obama wants Americans specifically White Americans to pay a terrible price for what he sees as their imperialism. How better to achieve the payback he wants than to keep the borders and airports wide open! Remember Obama and Holder are Afrocentric to the core!

The Ebola outbreak ravaging West Africa is “totally out of control,” according to a senior official for Doctors Without Borders, who says the medical group is stretched to the limit in responding. Does that last sentence or two convey that the world has nothing to worry about as far as Ebola is concerned or does it give you the Chills?

Just know that the numbers of dead in West African countries are much much higher than the U.N. or CDC is reporting. These countries have people dying in the streets and at home. They either bury their own dead or kick them to a ditch in many cases with no records!

We have had one verified case of Ebola in Dallas and another possible in Newark. Both of these people are from Liberia. The first man was in full blown Ebola symptom mode upon arriving in the U.S.. When people who are infected with Ebola present symptoms they are highly contagious. The first Liberian who came to the U.S. knew he had Ebola and was in full blown symptom mode and very contagious but that only hurried his pace to the U.S.A.. Thomas Eric Duncan exposed his family, people on his flight, hospital workers and Americans at large in Dallas to active Ebola! The man is a cowardly hazard and should be dumped into an incinerator while alive! He came to the U.S. in a selfish attempt to save his own hide exposing a wide spectrum of people including his own family to Ebola! He knew exactly what he was doing!

What makes the Duncan fiasco even worse is that a Liberal Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins and two White females entered the room that is housing family members exposed to Duncan and these Progressive dolts had no Protection. They just walked in did their talking and left possibly exposing even more Americans to Ebola! Remember scientists have reason to believe Ebola might just be airborne.

In the second possible case of Ebola a man from Liberia was vomiting on a flight bound for Newark. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention officials scrambled to meet a United Airlines flight from Brussels at Newark Airport on Saturday afternoon, after a passenger believed to be from Ebola-wracked Liberia exhibited signs of the deadly virus. The CDC told passengers they had nothing to worry about and the man was not contagious. Yet another bold faced lie and clear dereliction of duty to protect Americans. The N.J. Department of Health claimed the man did not have Ebola and was no threat! I will wait and see what happens to this vomiting Liberian. Even if this man does not have Ebola our government is exposing Americans to the Ebola threat with clear intent!

A Missouri physician is accusing the Centers for Disease Control of being “derelict in its duty,” saying the agency is not leveling with the public about the potential for Ebola to spread in the United States. Dr. Gil Mobley says there has been a lack of planning on the CDC’s part to head off the spread of Ebola now that it has made its way to the U.S. through air travel.

Read more at WorldNet Daily : CDC ‘lying’ to public about Ebola, doctor says

Obama and the CDC refused to admit Ebola was a threat and again refused to ban flights or people from countries being consumed with EbolaObama and his administration even told us that having Ebola on U.S. soil is not going to happen! Well pop the weasel and we have Ebola in Dallas!

After Ebola Patient Zero was identified in Dallas White House Spokesman Josh Earnest said that current anti-Ebola measures, which include screenings in West African airports and observation of passengers in the United States, will be sufficient to prevent the “wide spread” of the virus. The chances of a U.S. epidemic are “incredibly low,” he said. “The reason for that is that it is not possible to transmit Ebola through the air. … The only way that an individual can contract Ebola is by coming into contact with the bodily fluids of someone who is exhibiting symptoms. Did you get that they are telling you that Ebola can not be transmitted in airborne mode! Read on there is proof this is possible. It was the African airport screening that failed and delivered a human Ebola stew right to American soil!

If Ebola can travel in the air and infect people than the game will change and rapidly. A study in 2012 concluded that inter-species airborne infection can occur. Researchers from the National Centre for Foreign Animal Disease, the University of Manitoba, and the Public Health Agency of Canada, observed transmission of Ebola from pigs to monkeys. They injected the piglets with the Zaire strain of the Ebola virus. These scientists even admit that monkeys in separate cages from swine caught the disease and even admit Ebola can be transmitted in airborne mode yet our very own CDC refuses to openly admit this until now! Both the U.N. and the CDC have been forced to admit Ebola is airborne.

On September 30, the director of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Dr. Thomas Frieden, assured the country that US hospitals are well prepared to face an Ebola crisis.

Really then tell me how Americans can feel satisfied with that claim when the following findings were made of infections not nearly as easily spread as Ebola.

1. By June, 2007, 2.4 percent of all hospital patients had MRSA infections, according to the largest study of its kind, which was published in the American Journal of Infection Control. That would mean 880,000 victims a year.

2. Imagine the number of infections from bacteria of all kinds, including such killers as vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus (VRE) and Clostridium difficile. Julie Gerberding, MD, MPH, director of the CDC, recently told Congress that MRSA accounts for only 8 percent of HAIs. That 8 percent figure was confirmed in a study by Emory University researchers on April 6.

Read more at – What You Need to Know About Hospital Infections

If hospital infection rates are that sky high you might be concerned and pray that we can muddle through this! Wrong! You can’t muck around with Ebola or it will kill you!

Nurses, the front-line care providers in U.S. hospitals, say they are untrained and unprepared to handle patients arriving in their hospital emergency departments infected with Ebola.

You had better remember who lied to you when you start seeing your family members and fellow Americans dying from Ebola! You better remember who is responsible for their deaths and take direct and meaningful action to ensure they pay a very heavy price!

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